ACM/MCM Systems  

Altech Panel Systems is easily the fastest growing aluminum composite panel fabricator in the Southeast. Their panel systems are fresh, innovative and state-of-the-art. Altech's MCM/ACM panel systems, both dry-joint and exposed seal types, utilize a revolutionary and patented attachment method that simply out performs all other panel systems. Altech manufactures panels from aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel and titanium. Altech produces the only MCM/ACM system in North America that meets the extremely tough high velocity wind criteria in the state of Florida, including both Large and Small Missile capability!

As an industry leader, Altech Panel Systems offers a variety of systems to meet the needs of all our customers:

  • Pressure equalized rainscreen systems / dry systems
  • Exposed seal joinery systems
  • Exposed face fastened systems (Rainscreens)
  • Interior Panel Solutions
  • Curtainwall glaze-in panels

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Test Documents

Accu-Trac ES Specification
Altech Accu-Trac ES Spec.pdf
Accu-Trac DS Specification
Altech Accu-Trac DS Spec.pdf
R-Trac Specification
R-Trac Section 07412 Specification 2-28-14.pdf
Altech EVO Specification
EVO Specification w LEEDS_1.pdf


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