Stone Cladding Systems

Eclad is an international natural stone company that has developed and patented advanced high performance stone cladding systems that provide design flexibility combined with construction build ability and economy. Eclad origins began in the traditional stonework industry. Using this experience, they have designed and developed their high performance Stone Cladding systems to achieve the highest required ratings as specified in all of the countries in which they operate.

It is due to their traditional origins that Eclad developed an appreciation for the multitude of attributes required in order to ensure a successful natural stone cladding installation. By improving the design and increasing the output to maximize cost effectiveness, Eclad has revolutionized the stone cladding industry. Eclad’s high performance designs are closely allied to the latest facade techniques and are adaptable to meet any design challenge.

Because Eclad represents the latest in stone cladding design and technology and to ensure that performance levels are replicated on all projects, it is the policy of the company to work solely with installation companies that have the same philosophies. Accordingly, in the USA and Canada, Eclad projects are carried out by EAI’s (Eclad Authorized Installers) that have extensive experience in natural stone cladding and have successfully completed Eclad training. Once approved in a new territory EAI’s are subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure they can comply with Eclad Installation procedures and achieve the high quality performance required. SECO Architectural Systems, Inc. has been an EAI for many years and remains one of the only EAI’s to represent the Southeast portion of the US.

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