Safety: The days of safety being way down on the list of contractor selection criteria are long over.  Safety today is often the first hurdle a contractor must clear in order to be qualified to even bid on projects! 

Safety is important to SECO because safety is important to our customers!

SECO’s remarkable EMR average of .77 over the last ten years leads the industry by a wide margin!

SECO consistently wins safety awards and has been awarded the prestigious Platinum STEP Award by the Atlanta ABC eleven years in a row!  As a result, we have also won the esteemed ABC National Safety Excellence Award.

Construction: The primary reason for SECO’s remarkable safety record is that we self-perform our own work. We employ our own superintendents, foremen and field forces so we can control all field related activity. Companies that sublet their installation services, by definition, do not have this control!

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